The hot Sacramento weather can bring a lot of us into closer contact with pests than usual, as rodents and insects alike try to gain entry to our homes and businesses in search of cooler temperatures and guaranteed sources of water. But never fear, your trusty friends at Specialized Pest Patrol have a few handy tips for keeping many of the Sacramento area’s most common pests at bay.

  • Raccoons are, as always, in abundance in the Sacramento area this year, and reports of these clever mammals making their way into homes and garbage cans outdoors are increasing. Make your home a much less desirable destination by installing locks on pet doors, removing pet food from outdoor areas, and ensuring all outdoor trash bins are securely locked
  • Birds found dead of West Nile are at a record high in the Sacramento area this summer, so keep mosquito populations down and your family safe by conducting thorough, detailed searches for even the smallest amount of outdoor standing water. Consider having your yard and perimeter sprayed periodically as well, and always cover up or apply repellent when out, especially in the hours around dusk and dawn.
  • Rodents and other pests love to get out of the heat and sun in the summer, so make sure there are no entries for them into your home or business. Cracks or holes under an inch in size can still let in mice and roaches, so be sure to plug up any potential breaches with steel wool or caulk.