At some point, every homeowner or business owner will run into the same crucial, skittering, ugly problem and ask themselves that age-old question: “Do I need a professional, or can I handle this myself?” It is in this moment that you need to consider a few crucial points to help make your decision a lot easier. Ask yourself the following questions to help find out the best outcome for you, your business, and your family:

  • “Are there a lot of these pests?” – Often, if there is only one small mouse, or one spider, there may not be a real need for pest control services, and getting a trap or spray from the hardware store can do the trick
  • “Is this pest dangerous?” – Attempts to rid your garage of black widows or evict a raccoon family from your attic are probably not going to go smoothly, as these pests are both common and dangerous.
  • “How difficult are these pests to remove, in general?” – Some pests are nigh impossible to eradicate once they’ve set up shop. Bed bugs are a quintessential example – they are resistant to many pesticides and know how to hide well.

If any of these questions have you feeling anxious about trying to handle the pests yourself, it’s best to call in the professionals. Not only are professional pest control services more successful than DIY, they’re often cheaper, as the need for repeat full-eradication services are often diminished. If your Sacramento home or business has a pest problem that’s too pesky to handle yourself, call Specialized Pest Patrol for expert care that gets the job done.