Sacramento’s warm weather is back again, but not for long. With cooler weather approaching, the likelihood of increase pest infestations in your home goes up exponentially. Some of these pests are easy to deal with through minor behavior changes around your home or business, while others are enough to cause major damage or even health problems.

Cockroaches are an incredibly common pest in the Sacramento region. These pesky six-legged pests can spread up to 33 different strands of bacteria, besides being able to damage wallpaper, books, and electronics. Thankfully, if there’s only one or two in your home or business and not a huge infestations, they can be gotten rid of with a few traps, frequent vacuuming, and ensuring all food and cracks are sealed away tight.

Rodents are another story. While it is possible to remove rodents, which are known to cause electrical fires from chewed wiring, spread fleas and diseases, and ruin areas with their nesting and droppings, these pests can be a significant investment of both time and money to be gotten rid of. It is also very common to spend upwards of six months trying to eliminate their presence in your home or business with little success. A professional is recommended.

Bed bugs are, in general, a worst-case-scenario pest for any home or business. They are nearly impossible to remove without expert professionals, and it is highly encouraged to consult a professional pest control company at the first sign of bed bugs. Further, as they can hide easily in clothing, baggage, and even walls and floors, the removal of them can be a terrible headache. For all bedbug infestations, call a professional first and foremost.