Pest Control for Spiders in Sacramento

spiders - exterminator Folsom CASpiders go where there is food. This is often why they enter your Sacramento home or business in the first place. They will come in through the cracks by doors or windows, through vents, or through broken screens. Some may enter simply by accident, because they were hiding in a box or on a toy that was left outdoors. They tend to stay if there is a viable food source. Some species of spider prefer damp environments, while others prefer a drier atmosphere. If you find spiders in your home or business, no matter where they take up residence, it’s usually a good indication that there is another pest control problem going on.

There are several thousand species all around the world. They come in all different sizes and colors, but they can easily be identified by their eight legs and lack of antennae. They also have no wings. Spiders have no chewing mouthparts. Instead, their saliva contains enzymes that break down their prey, liquefying it. In order to catch their prey, they produce fine silk threads, which they then use to create webs. Their silk is also used to create egg sacs and line their homes. Different species will spin different types of webs.

Specialized Pest Patrol Removes Spiders Near You in Sacramento

Spiders may look rather scary, and many people will jump and run at the sight of them, but most species are actually harmless. They may bite when they feel threatened, but their venom is not strong enough to do any damage. When you have a spider infestation in your home or business, the webs that are visible can make even the cleanest building look dirty. Not to mention that if anyone in your home or business sees a spider, they may panic and decide that they don’t want to come back. Just knowing that you have spiders within your own home or business can be enough to make you feel uncomfortable there.

Signs That There is a Spider Infestation

There are signs that can point to a spider infestation in your Sacramento, California home or business:

  • Finding their webs in your home. Different types spin different webs. Some are very neat and organized, while others are quite haphazard. Others still look like orbs or funnels.
  • Seeing them inside your home. You might see spiders, even without seeing their webs. Many of them prefer to make their homes hidden. Some will hide in damper places like your basement or crawlspace, while others will seek out drier air, such as in your attic or in vents. If you see spiders, check these areas.
  • Finding egg sacs. Spiders can lay several hundred eggs, which they wrap in a silk sac. If you come across egg sacs, that means you will soon have a serious problem on your hands.
  • Having little insects buzzing around the exterior of your home or business. Spiders are predators. If you have flies, mosquitoes or other small insects that are hanging around the outside of the building, spiders will set up shop in nearby bushes and trees. They may also spin webs on the exterior of your home or near outdoor lights, where insects are drawn.

Pest Control for Spiders in a Home and Spider Extermination 

While spiders may take care of a lot of other annoying pests, they are still unwanted guests in your Sacramento, California home or business. Specialized Pest Patrol is your Sacramento pest control experts. If they have invaded your home, we will come out, find them, and help you to get rid of them (and keep them from coming back). We start with a thorough inspection of your property, both inside and out. We check all of the most common hiding areas for spiders. We note any cracks, crevices or other entry points that they may have entered through.

Once we locate the source of your infestation, we can identify the species. In doing so, we can then employ the best extermination methods for your specific infestation. This may include the use of pesticides. The pesticides we use are safe for use around children and pets. Once we have taken care of your spider infestation, we will help you to prevent it from returning. This can include such things as replacing screens, repairing cracks, sealing doors and windows, or placing mesh in exterior vents. We may also recommend that you trim vegetation around your home or business so that it does not come into contact with the structure, making it harder for spiders to find their way in. If your spider problem is due to another insect infestation, we will take action to treat that infestation as well, making your home or business less enticing, so spiders won’t be tempted to come inside in the first place.

Why Do It Yourself Spider Control Doesn’t Work

Finding spiders in your Sacramento, California warrants quick action. It’s tempting to run to the store and grab the first pest control treatment you find. Or, you may conduct an internet search for natural remedies. Hundreds of results will pop up. But a spider infestation is not going to go away with DIY pest control.

  • If you have other insects that live around your home, or inside your home, spiders won’t want to leave.
  • Even if you brush away their webs or escort them outside, they will keep finding their way back in.
  • Many natural remedies call for using essential oils with scents that spiders don’t like. Spiders will find ways around where you lay these treatments down.

Spiders are one pest that many people can’t stand crossing paths with. If you notice spiders in your Sacramento, California home or business, call the experts at Specialized Pest Patrol today!

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