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pantry moth - exterminator Folsom CABy the time you know you have a month problem, it’s probably too late. That’s because moths show themselves with holes in clothing and linens. But not all months eat fabric– they can sometimes get into kitchen pantries, too. Pantry months can be a pain, especially because they can get into boxes and bags.

Food-eating, or “pantry moths” typically go after grains, cereals, and pastas as well as pet food. Keeping food in air-tight containers can be helpful in preventing pantry moths. Pantry months will often lay eggs in or near these foods. A pantry moth can lay up to 300 eggs at a time. You typically won’t see these eggs and larvae because they are close to the color of the food that surrounds it. The larvae will begin to eat the food and, when fully matures, can become up to a half-inch long.

Pantry Moth Exterminatior

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We offer one-time services as well as monthly services you can count on to maintain your home and keep pantry moths from causing you problems. After we take care of pantry moths whether on the inside of your resident or the exterior (We can even do this service while you’re not home!).

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