Cockroaches & Sewer Roaches

Cockroach Control and Cockroach Removal Sacramento Services

When it comes to pest control, you need a pest control company you can trust. Having run a successful pest control company in Sacramento, we have learned what it takes to foster loyalty and satisfaction from our customers. When you work with Specialized Pest Patrol, you can trust that your cockroach problem will be a problem of the past.

Specialized Pest Patrol is the premier choice for Cockroach Pest Control Sacramento because we know exactly what it takes to eradicate those pesky creatures that seemingly live forever. If you have seen a cockroach in your home, be very careful how you proceed because there is almost always more than just the one. When you call us, we can seal the problem at the source of your interior and then continue to protect your home by performing outdoor treatments as well.

About Pest Control Sacramento Specialized Pest Patrol

For over 20 years, Specialized Pest Patrol has ensured that homes like yours remain pest-free and completely safe from any pests or creatures that are unwelcome in your home. Since 1994, we’ve had a chance to really hone our pest control skills as well as get to know what it means to gain the loyalty of our customers. In those 20 years, we have never skimped on quality of materials, labor, or customer service.

In fact, one way we guarantee that your family is safe at all times is by hiring technicians who have over five years of experience. That way, we have only expert pest control technicians working on your property at any given time. In addition to hiring the best technicians, we also use only hospital grade materials to make sure that you and your family are safe at all times. Our materials are even safe for children and pets!

Services provided by Pest Control Sacramento Specialized Pest Patrol

We offer one-time services as well as monthly services you can count on to maintain your home and keep cockroaches from entering your home. After we take care of the cockroaches on the inside of your house, we will continue to perform pest control Sacramento on the exterior of your home. We can even do this service while you’re not home!

Get your cockroach control and cockroach removal under control with our help! Contact Specialized Pest Patrol by phone 916-224-7430 (Pest Control Sacramento service number) or 916-987-9559 (Pest Control Folsom service number) or use our online contact form. Remember, call us and get your first service free!