Black Widows

Black Widow Extermination

black widow - exterminator Folsom CABlack Widows in Sacramento can typically be found in irregular webbing. The tendency is for black widows to hide in and hang upside down in areas secluded from the elements like firewood piles, under rocks, and an old tree or dead trees and under decks that provide year-round protection from the elements. Their favorite hiding places include sheds, barrels, woodpiles, outdoor pool houses, and under decks.

When it comes to the indoors hiding spots, they tend to like dark places in garages, crawl spaces and basements, and under staircases. All these places make for a great spot to hide away, especially when the insects they tend to feed on are within close range. The females bite, not the males, just like a mother bear; they’re out to protect their young – with black widows, it’s their eggs. Bites are usually not fatal, except possibly to younger children. So, if you or a family member happens to get a bit, call your doctor or visit an ER as soon as possible.

Removing Black Widows

So, what is the best solution for getting rid of black widows permanently? Probably the very best way to get rid of black widow spiders in and around your home is to remove their webbing and any silken egg sacs you find in and around your house and property. If you choose to do the job, please make a note of the following precautions. Make sure to wear gloves and a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and shoes (not sandals). If you clean up around stored firewood, boxes, and lumber, take extra caution because rattlesnakes also love to hide in old woodpiles.

By installing secure and fitted screens on doors and windows, you can eliminate many of the problems. Also, if you have the materials caulk any cracks or crevices, the spiders might use to gain entry. Remove all clutter, indoors and outdoors, that might provide the perfect home for these nasty black widows. Your Specialized Pest Patrol technician will step right in when called to eliminate the webs as part of our full-service program.