If you’ve lived in the Sacramento area long, you know that raccoons are a very common occurrence here. Maybe it’s the abundance of trees to live in, or maybe it’s the simple fact that the capital is a major metropolitan area with a lot of good scavenging opportunities. Whatever the reason, raccoons are very prolific in the area.

However, Sacramento raccoons are going through a very important time at the moment, and that could mean an even more raccoon sightings at the moment, and potentially more aggression. The reason? It’s baby season for the raccoons, and mother’s are taking their little ones out into the world for the first time. As adorable as this sounds, it’s actually a greater reason to keep them away from your home and pets.

Raccoons are incredibly smart and adaptive animals, and they’re experts at navigating our urban settings for shelter and food. They also have no qualms about entering homes through dog doors or opening garbage cans to get a little extra food for their babies. Unfortunately, this can spell trouble when your protective dog doesn’t want a raccoon in your yard, or when you accidentally startle a mother raccoon with her babies when taking the garbage out at night.

Mother raccoons will naturally act more protective over their offspring than usual. Raccoons are also known to be high carriers of rabies. Combined, that means these otherwise cute and cuddly-looking animals are not a safe addition to anyone’s yard or property. A simple relocation of the bandit-like animals is generally sufficient to ensure your yard and home are safe and sound. If you live in the Sacramento region and have raccoons on your property that you want humanely relocated, call Specialized Pest Patrol.