Summer is quickly arriving in Sacramento, if the highs in the upper-90’s is any indicator. And with the arrival of summer comes the arrival of a prolific, irritating, and dangerous pest: the mosquito. Mosquitoes are found in so many countries on the globe and effect billions of people every year, but with a little careful planning, you and your family can limit your bites from these pesky insects, as well as limit your exposure to the many diseases that they carry.

Mosquitoes are not just annoying and their bites itchy, they can also spread a host of deadly diseases to both you and your pets. West Nile, Zika, and heartworms are all delivered via the bites of infected mosquitoes. For this reason, practical mosquito prevention is key.

  • Using a repellent, often containing DEET (a very efficient chemical repellent) is an excellent way to keep mosquitoes off of you and your family or guests at the next outdoor barbecue.
  • Pets should be given a monthly anti-heartworm medication in order to ensure that if they are bit by mosquitoes, they do not develop the deadly infection.
  • Doing frequent sweeps of your property, especially after rains or after sprinkler systems, to check for, and empty, any collections of standing water is essential, as even the murkiest and shallowest amounts of standing water will quickly become breeding grounds for these terrible pests.
  • Consider having a pest management company spray the barrier of your home or yard with a safe but effective repellent spray in order to keep mosquitoes away all season long.