Sacramento is seeing a renaissance in local businesses as incomes and employment continues to grow in the area. Thankfully, every good entrepreneur knows that if you own a business, you need to insure it, as any minor emergency can equal a huge catastrophe. For this reason, it’s important to consider an integrated pest management strategy.

Even the smallest of pests can spell disaster for a business. In a new paper titled “Can you afford to lose 200% of your budget for every pest outbreak?” a UK-based support services company called Emprise lays out the economic changes in the global marketplace and pest populations to account for a growing need for pest management.

The paper addresses two main reasons for a growing need for integrated pest management strategies. The first is an increase in pest populations, especially in areas such as food retail and production. The second reason is that some pests are developing resistances to some of the common pesticide chemicals.

The bottom line in the paper is that businesses that have a reactive approach to pest infestations tend to pay hand over fist more for emergency pest relief. A smarter and more budget-effective strategy, the paper argues, is to take a proactive approach to pest control and develop a long-term pest management strategy with a trusted pest control company.