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Sacramento Rodent Control Experts Specialized Pest Patrol helps get rid of rodents such as seen above

Specialized Pest Patrol of Sacramento has over 2 decades of experience performing effective affordable Sacramento Rodent Control services for residents and businesses. Learn how to prevent rodents from entering your house with the facts we’ve provided on this page.

Why Do Rodents Want In?

Your home is your safe haven. It provides you protection from the elements. It keeps you warm during the cold season and cool when the temperatures rise. These reasons you love your home are the same reasons why rodents want in. They are seeking a safe shelter from the elements, a warm, cozy place to snuggle up. But that’s not the only reason rodents might be attracted to your home. Other factors that can cause rodents to be drawn to your home include food (whether it is open food on the counter, food in the cabinets, pet food left out at night, or even an open trash can), access to water (dripping faucets, leaking pipes, pet water bowls), and clutter (which makes the perfect hiding space).

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol Removes Rodents Of All Types Near You in Sacramento

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol removes Rodents of all types such as Norway Rats effectively and cost-effectively like those shown in video below.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

If rodents do make their way into your home, they will often make their presence known. While you may not actually see them (rodents are nocturnal), there are plenty of signs that will alert you to their being there:

  • Gnaw marks on just about everything – furniture, clothing, toys, books, food packaging, boards, boxes, and more.
  • Rodent droppings (you may find these in cabinets).
  • Debris scattered everywhere. Rodents are far from neat, and will leave trails of debris.
  • Finding nests. You may find rodent nests when cleaning certain places, such as your attic or garage.
  • Hearing noises in your walls. Because rodents are nocturnal, you may hear scratching in your walls as you are going to bed.

The Big Deal About Rodent Infestations

Rodents are a major household problem, being both destructive and dangerous. Rodents chew just about everything they come across. They can ruin your personal property, and your food. They can even damage the structure of your home, chewing on support beams and insulation. What’s more, rodents will chew wiring. This can lead to a power outage, or cause a potential fire hazard. Rodents (more specifically their droppings and urine) can aggravate allergies, and lead to asthma attacks in both children and adults. Finally, rodents can be extremely dangerous. They are well-known for carrying disease and parasites, such as Listeria, Salmonellosis, Hantavirus, and Bubonic Plague. Diseased rodents contaminate every surface they touch, and can easily spread their diseases to anyone within your Sacramento home that come into contact with these surfaces.

Inspect and Seal Any Entry Points

One of the first things you need to do is to inspect your home for potential entry points, and take action to seal them. Take a look at your foundation. Rodents can squeeze into extremely tight spaces. Any holes or gaps should be filled. Inspect around doors and windows, ensuring that there are no gaps. Also take a look at any vents that lead to the outside, such as your dryer vent, as well as pipelines. Place a mesh screen at vents, and seal around pipe lines.

Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol Performs Effective Rodent Exclusion Near You

Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol performs effective rodent exclusion near you effectively and cost-effectively like in video below.

Check Your Roof  for Rodents

Rodents can run, climb, and jump long distances. The bottom floor of your home is not the only place that they can get in. They can also get in through your roof. It is important that you inspect this area as well. Cover any vents, check for gaps around any windows or wire lines (and seal them). You should also inspect for roof lines, gaps in your eaves, or gaps in between boards. Close off any of these potential entry points.

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol Removes Rodents in Your Home Effectively

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol removes rodent infestations in your home.

Don’t Neglect Your Yard to Prevent Rodents

While it may be your home that rodents are after, your yard can entice them in, and can even provide them the assistance they need to get in. Tall grass can provide them cover from potential predators. Bushes can give them a lift to windows, and trees (with limbs that extend over your roof) can provide easy access to the upper levels of your home. Make sure that you keep your yard neat. Cut your grass regularly. Trim back the bushes and tree limbs. This will discourage rodents from even trying to get close to your house in the first place.

Rodent Pest Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol performs Affordable and Effective Rodent Control Methods in Sacramento

Rodent Pest Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol performs affordable and effective rodent control methods in Sacramento .

Keep it Clean and Clutter-Free  to Prevent Rodents

Rodents are, by nature, messy creatures, and enjoy a messy environment. Your kitchen is a prime target. Leftovers that have been left out in open containers, unfinished pet food, even open trash cans can be quite enticing to rodents. In order to prevent them from wanting to come in in the first place, it is important that you keep areas such as these clean. Put away leftovers in sealed containers. Dispose of unfinished pet food before going to bed. And be sure to avoid clutter in your home. Clutter provides hiding spaces for rodents. By avoiding clutter, there are less places for them to hide, and they are therefore less likely to want to stick around.

Keep Garbage Sealed  to Prevent Rodents

Rodents are not picky eaters, and will devour trash if given the opportunity. Don’t give them that chance. Keep your trash cans inside your home sealed. When taking the trash out, tie the bags tightly and throw them into sealed trash bins.

How Rodent Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol Can Help

If you do notice rodents in your Sacramento home, you may be tempted to run out and buy the first trap or poison you find. DIY rodent control rarely works. Your best bet to preventing, and getting rid of, rodent problems is with professional assistance. Rodent Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol is your Sacramento, California pest control experts. In order to prevent rodents from entering your home, we perform effective exclusion techniques. Exclusion involves the inspection of your home to locate any potential points of entry and take action to seal them. We will inspect everywhere, including your roof and your garage. By taking these preventative measures, we can help you to keep your home a safe haven for you and your family, not for rodents.

Your Sacramento home is your sanctuary. When rodents invade your sanctuary, it can lead to serious problems. With your home properly protected, you can rest easy knowing that these furry little pests won’t be able to get in, keeping your home yours. For more information, or to schedule your consultation, call the experts at Rodent Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol today!

No matter if it’s rodent control, rodent exclusion or other pest control issues that you need handled; Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol can take care of them for you in an efficient and affordable manner. Contact Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol today to schedule an appointment, get a free estimate or get free pest control for first time residential customers!