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Specialized Pest Patrol of Sacramento has over 2 decades of experience performing effective affordable Sacramento Rodent Control services for residents and businesses. Learn how to keep rodents out of your garage with the facts we’ve provided on this page.

What Attracts Rodents to Your Garage?

There are a few key things that rodents look for when it comes to finding their next home. Things that make your garage appear to be the perfect location include such things as:

  • Warmth. Rodents seek out warm locations to protect them from the cold outdoor temperatures. Your garage provides a quiet, warm location for them to take up residence.
  • Access to food and water. If your garage has any food source (including animal feed, food from your garden, even garbage) it can attract rodents. They will also need a source of water as well, which can even be a puddle of water on the floor from a leaky pipe.
  • Clutter. Clutter provides rodents with ample hiding spaces from predators, as well as warmth. It can also provide plenty of nesting material.

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol Removes Rodents Of All Types Near You in Sacramento

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol removes Rodents of all types such as Norway Rats effectively and cost-effectively like those shown in video below.

Why are Rodents Such a Problem?

Even if you rarely use your garage, having a rodent infestation is a serious problem. Rodents are destructive, and they are also dangerous. They chew on everything, including boards, boxes, and even wires. Chewing on electrical wires can lead to the loss of power or quickly become a fire hazard (especially if your garage is cluttered). Rodent urine and droppings can irritate allergies, and lead to asthma attacks. Their presence can lead to mold growth. Finally, rodents can carry diseases and parasites, including Salmonellosis, Listeria, Hantavirus, and Bubonic Plague. Diseased rodents contaminate all surfaces and objects they come into contact with, which can put you and your family at risk.

Seal Your Garage to Prevent Rodents

Sealing your garage is an important step in preventing rodents from entering your garage. Inspect your weather-stripping and replace it if it is damaged. Check for gaps at the base of your garage door where it meets the ground (the garage door threshold). Ensuring that there are no gaps not only helps to keep out rodents, but it can also help to provide better insulation. Check around for any other access points such as vents, drains, pipes, or gaps in any air conditioning connections. Rodents can squeeze through incredibly small spaces. Vents and drains can be sealed with fine mesh, which will allow them to stay open while preventing rodent intrusion. Make sure that any connections are sealed tightly.

Inspect Your Attic for Rodents

Believe it or not, rodents can get into your garage through your attic. For this reason, it is important that you inspect this area of your home, and take action to prevent intrusion this way as well. Again, check for any type of potential entry points, such as vents, gaps in your eaves, roof lines, or any gaps between boards. Just like with your garage, take action to seal any of these potential entry points when you find them.

Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol Performs Effective Rodent Exclusion Near You

Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol performs effective rodent exclusion near you effectively and cost-effectively like in video below.

Avoid Storing Food or Water in Your Garage to Prevent Rodents

One of the biggest reasons that rodents come into your garage in the first place is because it provides them with quick, easy access to food and water. Whether you use your garage to store birdseed, store fruits and vegetables from your garden, or simply place your trash bags there until garbage day, these things can provide rodents with the nourishment they need to survive. Water is also crucial. While you may not store any open containers of water in your garage, a leaky pipe that drips onto the floor and leaves a puddle can provide all the water rats need. Avoid storing any type of food source in your garage. No matter how well you seal food, rodents will find it. Check pipes in your garage as well, to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol Removes Rodents in Your Home Effectively

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol removes rodent infestations in your home.

Keep the Garage Clean to Prevent Rodents

Another reason rodents may choose your garage is because it is cluttered. Clutter provides them with plenty of space to hide, and plenty of materials with which to build a warm, cozy nest. Keeping your garage clean, neat, and tidy will help to deter pests from taking up residence. Sweep regularly and avoid leaving anything out that can be made into a rodent home.

Rodent Pest Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol performs Affordable and Effective Rodent Control Methods in Sacramento

Rodent Pest Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol performs affordable and effective rodent control methods in Sacramento.

Outdoor Maintenance for Rodent Prevention

It’s not just the inside of your Sacramento garage that can beckon rodents to come inside. The condition of the exterior of your home can play a role as well. Things like overgrown grass, which provide protection for small rodents, as well as limbs that hang out over the roof or your garage (or your home in general) can entice rodents to make their way toward your home. Keep your grass and bushes trimmed. You should also trim back any overhanging limbs.

Why Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control Doesn’t Work

In the event that rodents do make their way into your garage, it is essential that you take action to remove them as soon as possible. While you may think that you can handle the issue on your own with traps or baits, the truth is that do-it-yourself rodent control just doesn’t work. There are several reasons for this:

  • Rodents are cautious, and will avoid new things in their foraging paths.
  • You may need several more traps than you think.
  • Rodents can develop resistance to certain chemicals.

Call the Professionals at Rodent Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol

When it comes to preventing or eliminating rodents in your Sacramento garage, your best bet is to get help from the professionals at Rodent Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol. With over 2 decades of experience, with having the knowledge and expertise to pinpoint potential entry points, locate infestations, and eliminate them. We can help you take the necessary steps to safeguard your garage. Should you already have rodents inside we can employ a combination of strategic trap placement and exclusion. Together, we can help you to reclaim your garage and prevent rodents from ever coming back.

Rodents are both destructive and dangerous. Even if you don’t make much use of your garage, it should not become a safe haven for these pests. With a little bit of work, you can prevent rodents from getting inside in the first place. If you need help, or if you notice any signs of an infestation, call the experts at Rodent Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol today.

No matter if it’s rodent control, rodent exclusion or other pest control issues that you need handled; Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol can take care of them for you in an efficient and affordable manner. Contact Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol today to schedule an appointment, get a free estimate or get free pest control for first time residential customers!