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Sacramento Rodent Control Experts Specialized Pest Patrol helps get rid of rodents such as seen above

Specialized Pest Patrol of Sacramento has over 2 decades of experience performing effective affordable Sacramento Rodent Control services for residents and businesses. Learn how to get rid of rodents in the walls with the facts we’ve provided on this page.

Why Do Rodents Take Up Residence in Your Walls?

Rodents are timid creatures. They seek shelter in places where they can hide away from danger, including you. Your walls provide the perfect shelter for them, and an excellent place to build a nest. They can move about your home freely and stay completely hidden from view. Not only are your walls enticing because rodents can hide there, they are also ideal because they provide rodents with the warmth they seek in the cooler Sacramento months. From your walls, rodents can make their way into your kitchen, including your cabinets and pantry (where food is stored). They can also gain access to water, whether it is from water lingering in your sink, a leak in a pipe, or water dishes left out for your pets.

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol Removes Rodents Of All Types Near You in Sacramento

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol removes Rodents of all types such as Norway Rats effectively and cost-effectively like those shown in video below.

How to Tell You Have Rodents

There are several signs that can point to a rodent infestation in your Sacramento home or business:

  • You find gnaw marks on different things, including (but not limited to) furniture legs, toys, clothing, boxes, books, and papers.
  • Debris throughout your home or business. Rodents are extremely messy, and will leave a trail of crumbs and different materials.
  • Rodent droppings.
  • You may start to notice a smell. This can be due to both rodent droppings and urine, as well as rodents that have died in your walls.
  • Hearing scratching noises in your walls at night. Rodents are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night. You can often hear them scurrying about in different areas as you are going to bed.

Why Rodents are a Big Problem

A rodent infestation is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. They are extremely destructive creatures. They chew through just about everything, not just your personal property. Inside your walls, they can chew boards, support beams, and even electrical wiring. If rodents chew wiring, it can lead to a power outage. Partially chewed wires can lead to a fire hazard.

Along with being destructive, rodents are dangerous. Their urine and droppings can aggravate allergies, and cause asthma attacks, in both children and adults. Not only that, but rodents can carry diseases and parasites, including Hantavirus, Listeria, Salmonellosis, and Bubonic Plague. Infected rodents contaminate all surfaces they come into contact with, and can spread their diseases to humans. If you discover rodents in your walls, it is important to get rid of them quickly.

Cut Off Rodent Entry Points

An important step in removing a rodent infestation from your walls is to cut off access to your home. Rodents are able to run, climb, and jump amazing distances, and they can squeeze into incredibly small spaces. Conduct a thorough inspection of your home, checking for all potential access points – vents, cracks in the foundation, gaps in windows and doors, ruined weather stripping in your garage, drains, etc. It is important to inspect all areas of your home, from your basement or crawlspace to your attic. Then seal them off. When sealing vents and drains, you don’t have to close them off completely. Use a mesh screen to cover them. By closing off access points, you prevent reentry of any rodents who have built their nests in your home as well as the entry of any new rodents.

Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol Performs Effective Rodent Exclusion Near You

Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol performs effective rodent exclusion near you effectively and cost-effectively like in video below.

Set Up Rodent  Traps

Rodents that live in your walls will leave at night to come out in search of food and water. In order to get rid of them, you can set up traps and bait. There are a variety of different traps on the market, including snap traps, glue traps, and even live capture traps that will allow you to release mice back out into the wild.

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol Removes Rodents in Your Home Effectively

Rodent Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol removes rodent infestations in your home.

What About Dead Rodents in the Walls?

Sometimes, rodents die within your walls. This can be due to natural causes, or because you have chosen to use a rodent poison to deal with your infestation. Either way, nature eventually takes its course and dead rodents begin to decompose. This can often lead to a noticeable odor that can often help point you toward an infestation if you haven’t noticed any other signs. Not only do dead rodents smell, they can also attract fleas and other insects, as well as cause other issues. In order to remove dead rodents from your walls, holes will need to be drilled.

Rodent Pest Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol performs Affordable and Effective Rodent Control Methods in Sacramento

Rodent Pest Control Company Specialized Pest Patrol performs affordable and effective rodent control methods in Sacramento.

Why Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control Doesn’t’ Work

Attempting to remove rodents from the walls of your Sacramento home or business often sounds like the least expensive option. However, do-it-yourself rodent control is rarely effective, and you may end up spending more money than you would have if you had simply hired a professional. There are several reasons why DIY rodent control fails:

  • Rodents may like to chew on just about anything, but they are especially cautious creatures. Anything new that is placed in their normal paths are often avoided.
  • If you have a large infestation, you may need many more traps than you think you do.
  • Rodents can develop a resistance to certain types of chemicals, and the chemical makeup of most commercial rodent poisons is similar from brand to brand.
  • Poisons are often ineffective at eliminating an entire infestation.

Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol Can Help

When it comes to getting rid of a rodent infestation in your walls, and preventing new infestations from forming, Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol is your Sacramento, California experts. With over 2 decades of experience, we can help you to reclaim your home and keep it yours. In order to remove your infestation, we perform effective rodent exclusion , which prevents rodents from entering your walls. We inspect all areas of your home from the ground floor (and below) all the way to the attic, helping you to determine points of entry and advising you on the best ways to seal these areas. We can then locate the source of your infestation and strategically lay traps, as well as help you to remove any dead rodents that may be lingering within your walls.

Rodents in your walls can present a serious problem. Not only are they destructive, they are potentially dangerous. If you notice any signs of rodents in the walls of your Sacramento home or business, don’t delay. Call the experts at Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol today to schedule your consultation.

No matter if it’s rodent control, rodent exclusion or other pest control issues that you need handled; Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol can take care of them for you in an efficient and affordable manner. Contact Pest Control Sacramento Company Specialized Pest Patrol today to schedule an appointment, get a free estimate or get free pest control for first time residential customers!