In our last post, we discussed a few of the more dangerous pests that can plague the great outdoors in a Sacramento Summer; namely, snakes and mosquitoes. But there are a number of irritating and painful insects and arachnids that can spoil your barbecues and hikes this summer. Rest assured, there are also a number of easy tips and tricks to keep them away.

Yellow jackets, along with other bees and wasps, can get aggressive when their nests are disturbed or when they feel threatened. However, the difference between generally-docile honeybees and yellow jackets is that yellow jackets have a reputation for being particularly aggressive, both in their attempts to investigate the sodas and food at backyard barbecues, but also in painful, repeated stings if one threatens or swats at them. The best way to keep these stinging wasps away is through the installation of a yellow jacket trap and the expertise of pest control experts.

Another common summer pest are spiders, and especially more poisonous varieties like black widows. Spiders – and black widows especially – are common house guests, often seen in clutter around porches or in potted plants around one’s home. However, they are excellent ant hiding and remaining undetected until their nests are disturbed, which is most often when bites occur. To avoid these painful, and dangerous, household guests, keep your yard and porches free from storage and debris, and have a trusted pest control specialist spray periodically to keep them at bay.