Hiring a pest control company is a little like finding a good dog-walker. You need to be able to feel that the person you let into your home is trustworthy, puts safety first, and can spot and handle any problems as they arise. For this reason, we’ve taken all of the questions you could ask a potential exterminator and narrowed them all down to the 5 essential questions that you must ask a potential exterminator.

  1. “Are your employees certified?” – This may seem like the most obvious question in the world, but there are plenty of pest control companies that run their business without the proper credentials. And when you are dealing with dangerous pests and a variety of chemicals and traps to catch and eliminate these pests, you are going to want to make sure they know what they’re doing, and can back it up with proof.
  2. “Do you stand behind your work?” – Any exterminator worth his or her salt will offer some sort of a guarantee with their services, whether for a refund or for repeated service to ensure the pests are really gone. In general, if an extermination company won’t offer you anything but their word that the service will be completed correctly, it’s best to find someone who will.
  3. “How do you handle termite control?” – Ants and cockroaches are entirely different beasts than termites, and a good exterminator knows this. While ants and cockroaches are unappealing and irritating, termites cause untold structural damage to buildings and homes, and must be eradicated thoroughly the first time, before they cause real devastation.
  4. “Are your treatments safe for my kids and pets?” – For pest control, there are a number of different solutions, traps, and chemicals that can be used to keep a business or home free and clear. While some situations may warrant the need for stronger solutions, a good pest control company should be willing to talk through your concerns and attempt to find alternative solutions if anything makes you uncomfortable.
  5. “What about the future?” – Here is where a reputable and trustworthy pest control company really shines: long-term management and prevention. An exterminator that is truly worth your time and money has a strong plan for prevention of future infestations, as well as a good business model for long-term management in future pest control.